Have a washing machine in your apartment

While some recent apartments or of a certain standard are equipped with a washing machine, or even a washing machine / dryer column, the trend is for the lessor to provide its tenants with a com- mon laundry room in the apartment. ‘apartment building.

This is generally managed by the concierge, both in terms of access planning and payment methods (rechargeable cards, coin mechanism, etc.).

When the schedule does not allow access every week, practice tells us that arrangements between neighbors often allow a few additional time slots to be released.

For more convenience, some tenants wish to install their own device in their apartment. This is subject to special conditions and attention which we detail below.


Obtain written authorization from the

In order not to put the lessor in front of a fait ac- compli, but also for insurance matters, it is impe- rative to obtain written authorization from the les- sor. Otherwise, your insurer may not take action in the event of an accident and water damage.


Installation and connections

Installation of the device can only be done in the kitchen or bathroom.

The connection to water (via a specific tap) and to water drainage (via a siphon) must be made permanently and through the services of a reco- gnized sanitary company.

It is strongly discouraged, or even forbidden by certain agencies, to install temporary connec- tions to the sink tap and free and non-fixed drains.


Water damage insurance

It is essential to check, if necessary, to complete your civil liability insurance cover so that any water damage is covered in the event of an accident.


Dry the laundry

Due to humidity and condensation issues, laundry should not be dried in the apartment.


Transfer of the washing machine and connections to the next tenant

When you leave, if you have your washing machine and / or connections taken over from the next te- nant, the lessor must validate this transfer by in writing. A new authorization will then be issued.



The machine must be installed in such a way that the peace of the neighbors is preserved. The usual hours of use are from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., or even 10:00 p.m. depending on certain authorities. It is strongly recommended to avoid use on Sun- days.



The tenant is fully responsible:

  • the purchase of the washing machine, its re- pairs and maintenance
  • machine installation and connections
  • any damage caused by the use of the machine
  • to remove the device and restore the premises when leaving the apartment



All costs of installation, connection, maintenance, repair, etc., both devices and connections, are the sole responsibility of the tenant.


Withdrawal of the authorization

In the event of non-compliance with the condi- tions issued by the lessor, the latter may cancel the authorization, with or without notice.