Sell + rent

When your home becomes too big, requires too much maintenance or no longer corresponds to your needs in terms of living environment, you should consider selling it. However, many owners hesitate because a change of location also means a change of habits and especially the need to find the right place for a new life.

Our “Sell + Rent” service allows owners to serenely face the unknown of a change of life without dissociating the actions since the sale and the search for a new rental home are done simultaneously.

Any owner who wants or needs to sell his property can use this service which includes, at no extra cost, the search for a new home thanks to a partnership with the apartment hunter company Hauspass (

An advantage which, in addition to removing the worries related to the maintenance of one’s property, the search for a buyer, the calculation of the right price, brings a relief to the anxiety of the future. A relief for those who must leave without knowing exactly where to go.