What our clients say

Bastien Sachet, Gilly

I called on Homequest Immobilier to estimate a property for sale. Beyond the very professional assessment in itself, I particularly appreciated their listening skills as well as their in-depth knowledge of the real estate dynamics underway in Lausanne.

Marc Jully, representative of GEM Legacy SA, Lausanne

Purchase and management of an investment property

The opportunity for a well-placed investment property in the city of Lausanne was presented to us by Homequest Immobilier when this property was not publicly advertised on the market. The transaction took place quickly and securely thanks to a smooth process and a quality relationship with the seller. The financial conditions and the yield obtained were well within the expectations of the market. We were then able to build loyalty with Homequest Immobilier, which is still responsible for the management of our building.

Nina Brissot, La Tour-de-Peilz

Rental enhancement

When my tenant told me she was leaving, I placed some adverts. Very quickly, I had to admit that visits by tenants aren’t everything and that anyone can tell anything they want to get the appartement for rent. The lessor does not necessarily have the tools to check. In addition, on an object coming out of complete renovation, the person delegated by a multinational for the inventory of fixtures succeeded in finding faults. So I called on Homequest Immobilier. Régis von Arx took matters into his own hands and found me reliable and respectful tenants. He made an inventory and the rental agreement. My tenants are delighted and so am I.

Jean-Claude Marchisio, Pully

Property management

Why choosing Homequest Immobilier for real estate? For their professionalism, their skills, their efficiency in a relationship of total trust and shared decisions.