what to think about?

Well done, you have found your future accommodation! A step taken but there is still the move, which remains a restrictive part and which requires organization. We hope that the tips below will help you in the process and save you precious time. So get ready and have a good final sprint!


In anticipation, a few weeks be

  • Collect sufficient moving boxes. There are even some for clothes, with a handy little wardrobe or special for dishes (with compartments) (in department stores or moving companies).
  • Don’t forget the duct tape!
  • To avoid breaking anything, think about old newspapers or bubble wrap.
  • Ask your acquaintances and friends for help early enough so that they can organize themselves.
  • Book your moving vehicle as soon as possible, and if possible the evening before the moving day.

1 to 2 days before

  • If you do not have parking with the accommodation, ask the building concierge or the municipality (Parking service) for authorization to park your truck nearby during the move.
  • Plan drinks and snacks for the people who will help you.
  • If you have animals, possibly think of a guard during the operations.
  • If your future home does not have lamps, take light bulbs
    or flashlights.
  • Think of the small material quickly accessible, such as: tools, extensions, adhesive tape, dressings, pens, toilet paper, garbage bags, tea towels.
  • Defrost the refrigerator and / or freezer after emptying them.
  • Check that all your boxes and furniture are labeled correctly with specification
    of the destination part (the weight can also be a good indication for the one who door !)
  • Prepare the keys for the handover of the old apartment.
  • Provide cleaning products for the accommodation to be vacated.
  • Take advantage of sorting, donating what you no longer need, you will gain space,
    time and money!
  • Out of respect for your neighbors, post the date of your next move in the entrance to the building, in order to prevent them from any inconvenience, especially in terms of noise.


The moving day

In the old accommodation:

  • If the freezer / refrigerator was still in operation, put the products in a cooler. If possible, reconnect the appliance to the new location as soon as possible to store food.
  • Do not forget to clear the cellar, the attic or the garage.
  • Protect the floors with protective mats to avoid stripes or other marks.
  • In your organization, be sure to load last what you need first.

At your new address:

  • Check according to your entry report that any damage has been recorded there. If not, take pictures that should be sent to management later for them to take note of.
  • Protect floors
  • Install lighting in the rooms for the evening
  • Check the moved items if you have used a company and report any damage at once.
  • Don’t forget to take breaks with snacks to regain energy!

Moving costs

If you are considering bringing in the professionals for your move, here are the fees you can expect. It is advisable to establish a moving budget.


Renting a transport vehicle such as a me- dium-sized van can cost anywhere from 200 to 300 francs per day. For a weekend rental, the rates are higher. Usually 200 km are included in the price, but if this is exceeded, a supplement will be charged.

Add to that the fuel costs!



It is possible to find additional help on the inter- net, whether from a company or from private in- dividuals. However, it is better to opt for professio- nals, especially in the event of possible damage. You have to plan between 300 and 500 francs for about 4 hours of work done by two people.