Sales mandate

Each his trade. And if, when selling your property, the temptation to play real estate agent can give hope of saving a few pennies, it is most often illusory because the risks are significant. The parameters of a successful sale are multiple and require professional skills. Start with the valuation of the property.

Basics such as the analysis of the year of construction of the object for sale, its location, the materials used, the finishes, the spaces etc. must be studied. Just like its market value, its yield and the calculation of its intrinsic price. But also the search for the necessary documents in tax matters, cadastral, possibly its cantonal classification, etc. These are all elements that require professional knowledge. Reasons why, it is strongly recommended to entrust the sale of your property to one or more real estate agents who, in addition to their knowledge, will not have the emotional weight. But be careful, it is first a question of choosing who to entrust it to and what type of sales mandate to choose.

It is important to know that when a sales mandate is signed between a seller and a real estate broker, the latter can act on behalf of the owner for all the steps to be taken. He can also suggest a possible “staged” to better sell it (see sheet “Selling a property is an art”) The agent will have to establish or seek the necessary energy certificates, check the existence of mortgage rates blocked at a rate higher than the market, and even take information on the possible buyer in order to avoid any scam. Hence the importance of a sales mandate being detailed and signed by both parties in order to work with confidence.


There are several types of mandates which one to choose?

Simple or non-exclusive mandate

This type of document allows the seller to give his property for sale to several real estate agencies without exclusivity. At first sight it seems that it is an advantage by the multiplication of windows. On closer inspection, it is rather a disadvantage in the sense that the same property offered for sale in different agencies and on various platforms will quickly be assimilated to something difficult to sell. The buyer will be more suspicious if he sees the same advertisement popping up everywhere. The other disadvantage is that an agent will not spend so much energy looking for a buyer, nor treat this sale as a priority. Knowing that he is in competition with other agencies, he will not have any interest in deploying a lot of time, given the risk of being beaten at the post by another agency.


The exclusive mandate

It is the most common. Exclusive means that no other agency can work on this sale and even the owner does not have to initiate active steps himself. Here, the primary interest is that the agent to whom the property is entrusted will act on your behalf with full support. It is to his advantage that things go well and quickly. So he will deploy the necessary energy for the success of this sale. An exclusive contract can be terminated at any time, which gives the seller great freedom to withdraw his sale if he changes his mind.

The so-called semi-exclusive mandate

It is in fact an exclusive contract but in which a paragraph states that, if the owner has someone to propose, he can do so. The agent will then take responsibility for the contacts and the steps with the potential buyer as if it were the agency that had first met him. It will be followed, from the first questions until the signing of the contract. On the other hand, the agency fees will be reduced to take into account the introduction by the owner.

The sell-rent mandate

This service is completely new and has been offered since this year by Homequest Immobilier (see the Sell + rent tab on our site). This is a mandate that allows sellers to obtain from the agency a guarantee of relocation to a place that suits them and this for rent.

The change, a move, the fear of not finding a suitable place are often a brake on the sale. Especially when, with age, the strength necessary to undertake all these steps is lacking. This is a service, still rare in management companies, which allows people who put their property up for sale to be relieved as much as possible.


Homequest Immobilier offers three types of mandates.

The exclusive mandate. By working with his databases and his active search, the agent will use all his skills to quickly find the right buyer. At the seller’s request, it can also include the possibility that the seller already has a buyer. The agent will then take care of all the administrative procedures and reduce the fees related to the search for a buyer.

The non-exclusive mandate to be shared with other agencies.

The sell-let mandate of which the agency is a pioneer. This means that, at the same time as the sale of the property entrusted, the agency will look for an adequate rental that will allow the sellers to relocate to an environment that suits them.

Homequest Immobilier is at your disposal for any information, for an estimate, a sale, a rental, or how to study a mandate in complete transparency. Do not hesitate to call us, we will answer all your questions.