Selling real estate is an art

Presenting your property for sale is not done lightly. To sell it better, you have to know how to stage it during visits and promote it.


Homequest Immobilier gives you some ideas. But not only. We support you with immediately applicable sales advice. With legal opinions, decision support, especially when they relate to work involving necessary but profitable expenditure.



Up to 3 or 4% of the estimated selling price is considered a normal investment to improve the item offered for sale. This can sometimes represent important work requiring the intervention of professionals such as:



When doing work that may require breaking down some walls, take the opportunity to initiate others. For example, changing a tile that marks too much its era or repainting it with a special paint.


Sound insulation

Is this a semi-detached apartment and the neighbors are not very discreet? Take advantage of having to repaint the walls to install sound insulation. These are placo walls (generally less than a centimeter), specially designed for sound insulation.



Indoors, they must be perfect, without scratches or nicks. If a carpet is necessary, prefer a central carpet clearing the sides of each step. Or maybe a half moon on each step. Outdoors, they should be weeded, and repaired if necessary.


Home staging

When you visit to buy, more often than not the first glance is the one that leaves the biggest footprint. The Anglo-Saxons understood it well and invented home staging or staging of the house. But beware, this is not just a decorative touch. So that the buyer is not deceived about the goods, everything must be taken into account and the seller must be able to answer all questions. In other words, total transparency on the property for sale. Trust is a decisive condition in a sale. If the potential buyer has any doubts, they will look elsewhere. A few points need special attention:


The luminosity

The effect on arrival must be clear, bright. This is why it is important that the blinds are up, the curtains open, the lights on where daylight does not come and the walls spotless. If the apartment is still furnished, it is important that everything is tidy with a minimum of clutter. The times are no longer for accumulation but for Zen.


Don’t hesitate to have a sliding hinge plate installed in your cabinets. You can put all your household appliances there, leaving only the coffee machine on the worktop. If the wall or floor tiles are too dated, consider changing or painting them.



the towels will be invisible or folded like in a luxury hotel. The trinkets behind the mirror in the drugstore or in the drawers. In this room, everything is zen, soft, inviting relaxation.



The beds pulled out to the nines with sharp angles. No hanging clothes, fitness equipment or other children’s toys. Your rooms should be neat, without any clutter.



Remove family photos, souvenirs and excess furniture, too dark or too tall. You have to depersonalize as much as possible and focus on volumes. Buyers want space, not souvenirs. And don’t forget that a beautiful mirror that reflects light is often worth any decoration.



Bet on pastel tones, light, neutral curtains. Furniture with clean shapes, space between each piece of furniture to highlight the volumes. An ancient modern mix is ​​often relevant during visits. Be careful to marry them well.


The exteriors

A mown lawn, a maintained garden, clean garden furniture, without rust or stains will be the most beautiful effect. The terrace or the balcony must reach out. The visitor must want to plan to sit down and never leave. He must feel at home.


Direction of visit

In winter, in the middle of the season, on rainy days, unless you have one particular asset to highlight, we recommend that you start the visit from the inside. The living rooms first, then the bedrooms and floors with possibly an attic, especially if they can be converted.



Buyers are often new to the area. Have a small card indicating the distances to shops, transport, schools, the recycling center (very important in Switzerland) or the motorway.


All of these decisions sometimes seem like a reconstruction. They are not easy to take. Especially for a good from which one separates. It is in this context that Homequest Immobilier can bring you real added value. With an interface role between the owner and the buyer, our team is able to conduct negotiations without the intervention of an emotional one. Being neither a buyer nor a seller, our employee can, in all neutrality, analyze the necessary from the superfluous. The negotiation is then done without the pitfalls of memory for the sellers and without having to take into account unnecessary demands on the part of the buyer. Simplified in this way, exchanges can go smoothly and often more quickly. How?


Homequest Immobilier can help you in a number of ways.


By one-off advice by delegating someone on site.

By recommending trusted craftsmen for work that cannot be done yourself.

By taking full charge of the entire transformation



Do not hesitate to ask us for a consultation, our team will be able to guide you as best as possible, according to the trends.