The rental file

Presenting yourself as an ideal tenant is essential. With sometimes more than a dozen files submitted for the same property

List of documents to provide us

  • The completed, dated and signed rental application form
  • Copy of a valid identity card and residence permit

For Swiss nationals :

  • identity card or passport

For foreign nationals :

  • identity card or passport
  • if already obtained: residence permit in Switzerland
  • if residence permit not yet obtained, proof that steps have been taken with the competent authorities

If you live in Switzerland :

  • solvency certificate (to be requested from the debt collection office of your district of residence), less than 3 months old and free of any debt collection
  • Certificate of income

If you are employed: – copy of your last 3 salary slips

If you are going to start a new activity or if you are on probation:

– copy of your work contract duly signed by both parties
– copy of any salary slips already obtained since the beginning of the new activity

If you are retired:

– copy of your AVS pension certificate, and
– copy of your 2nd pillar (or 3rd pillar) pension certificate, and
– copy of your last tax assessment (tax return)

If you are self-employed (including if you are an employee of your own company):

– copy of your company’s trade register extract

– if you are a sole proprietor: certificate of affiliation to the AVS as a self-employed person

– operating account and balance sheet certified by your trustee for the last 2 financial years
– your tax return (≠ declaration) as a natural person for the last 2 financial years

If you are a student:- a certificate of studies from your school
– a complete file according to the above for your guarantor

Copy of your civil liability and household insurance policy

The solvency

The amount of the gross rent of your future accommodation and its annexes must not exceed one third of your net income. Another eliminatory criterion: the existence of legal proceedings.


The guarantor

If your income is not sufficient according to the above-mentioned ratio of one third, a guarantor in Switzerland with sufficient income (friend or family member) must be mentioned on the rental application. All the documents listed above (except insurance policies) must also be provided for his or her person, specifying the amount of rent he or she spends on his or her own accommodation. The guarantor will have to sign the lease with you and take over your rights and obligations if you fail to do so. This is an important commitment on their part.


Tell the truth

There is no need to lie in the rental file. It must reflect your personal situation in all reality.


Contacts for the debt enforcement offices in French-speaking Switzerland