The rental guarantee

What documents do I need?

To guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations of the tenant towards the lessor. At the end of the lease, it will be used to honor any possible debt to the lessor (late payment of rent, damage, other claim under the lease contract). It cannot, there- fore, be released during the lease.



When should we produce it ?

Within 30 days of signing the lease, but no later than the entry inventory. Otherwise, the keys will not be returned to the tenant.



How much must we deposit?

For a residential lease, usage and almost all landlords provide for 3 months rent excluding charges. It can, however, be less, never more.

  • A copy of the rental agreement (even if it has not yet been signed by the management)
  • Identity documents of all lease holders.



Where can we do it ?

With any banking establishment with representa- tion in the Canton of Vaud (BCV, UBS, CS, Banque Migros, Banque Coop, Raiffeisen, etc. Postfinance has no guarantee product).

This is a specific bank account in the name of the tenant and the interest is accrued to him.

Via a surety company (for example Swisscaution)

Rue du Petit-Chêne 26
1003 Lausanne 0848 001 848

Swisscaution SA
Ch. De la Redoute 54
1260 Nyon
8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday


Note: some lessors require a bank guarantee, in the traditional way above.



Can I pay the guarantee directly to the lessor?

No, this is a practice that is synonymous with risks for the tenant and which is in total deviation from usage. It is also synonymous with problematic donor!



Who constitutes the guarantee?

All tenants holding the lease as well as any guaran- tor. If necessary, you must go together to the bank or to Swisscaution to complete the formalities.



Release of warranty

During and at the end of the lease, the tenant can- not offset the amount of the guarantee with any amounts due to the lessor, in particular unpaid rents.

The guarantee can only be released, partially or completely, with the agreement of the tenant and the lessor. Following the inventory of fixtures of the exit, and provided that all the rents and the possible work chargeable to the tenant have been paid, the lessor will send a request for release to the banking establishment or to the surety com- pany. still add to that the fuel costs!