Rental rules and uses

The “Provisions paritaires romandes – Rental rules and uses of the Canton of Vaud” (also called the “RULV”) is a framework contract that applies to any lease signed in the Canton of Vaud.

This document “compiles” the rules, rights and obligations that the lessor and the lessee must respect. These are provisions stemming from the Code of Obligations, provisions applicable to the whole of French-speaking Switzerland or even specific practices in the Canton of Vaud. By signing a lease contract, the lessor and the tenant submit to these provisions.

There are legal concepts, but also practical, for example on the entry of the tenant, the payment of the rent, the provision of the guarantee, the subletting, the presence of animals, the grills, the waste, the work. , etc.

We speak of joint arrangements because they are enacted jointly between ASLOCA-Vaud (Swiss Association of Tenants), CVI (Chambre Vaudoise Immobilière) and USPI-Vaud (Swiss Union of Real Estate Professionals).



This document has been in existence since 1970 and has been readjusted over the years, always in agreement between the various aforementioned circles. The negotiations sometimes lasted several years to arrive at a text recognized and adopted by everyone. The last version dates from 1998.


Binding force

By cantonal decision, approved by the Confederation, this framework contract has been “binding” since December 1, 2001. This means that the RULV apply to any lease signed in the Canton of Vaud. Its articles and provisions have the same value as a provision of the Code of Obligations.


Exceptions to binding force

By decree of the Vaud Council of State of October 8, 2011, binding force is not applicable for:

  • Article 8
  • Articles 22, 26, 28 to 30 and 35 in the case of housing which has been the subject of incentive measures from the public authorities and the rent of which is subject to the control of an authority (subsidized housing for example ).